Yes! I would like to sign up for the 7-Week Awaken the Oracle Within Intuition & Psychic Development Training
so that I can be a clear channel as I am ready to develop crystal-clear intuition.

Awaken the Oracle Within with Schamet Horsfield

Learn tools to clear the psychic channels, heal the energetic trauma lens, and develop crystal-clear intuition.

  • Learn how to align and listen to your intuition
  • Learn about the different Psychic Centers that govern Intuition.
  • Learn clairvoyant tools to open/close and clear your intuitive channels
  • Receive guidance, support, and counsel about all subjects intuitive and psychic.
  • Practice time within the psychic playground together as a group
  • Learn more about how to use oracle cards, and how to use a pendulum for divination.
  • Receive direct guidance about how you receive intuitive information
  • Learn more about chakras, and your energy field.
  • Learn how to work with your dreams and symbols.
  • Learn tools receive intuitive guidance from your higher self and your spirit guides
  • Learn how you can connect with your angels, guardians, guides, and ancestors.
  • Learn more about your gifts and how to use them
  • Learn how to clear your energy and protect your energy field
  • Learn more about your aura and psychic boundaries
  • Align to your soul path purpose
YES! I want to  Awaken the Oracle Within & become a clear channel

"An oracle is a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions, most notably including precognition of the future, inspired by deities. As such, it is a form of divination. An Oracle is a channel for the sacred divine."

  • Would you like to feel connected to your higher self, to your spirit guides and trust your own intuition & receive clear guidance from within to help you navigate your life and support those you care about?
  • Are you ready to align to your soul path purpose so that you can serve your life path purpose?
  • All of this is available to you and it starts with one important step: Awakening the Oracle Within you so that you can develop crystal clear Intuition and trust your own internal navigation system.

Awaken the Psychic Centers: 7-Week Journey through the Chakras

January 7th-February 18th, 2024  

Develop your Intuition and Psychic Abilities with Schamet Horsfield.

Learn tools to clear the psychic channels, heal the energetic trauma lens, and develop crystal-clear intuition so that you can trust your internal navigation system.

Are you ready to align yourself to your own particular brand of magic, claim your psychic superpowers, and trust your own inner guidance system?

Have you had dreams that have come true?

Have you had visions of the future and then they happened?

Are you able to see into people and know things about them, that even they do not know or understand?

Do you see repeating patterns, numbers, and wonder what they mean?

Do you already have abilities and want to understand them better?

Are you ready to take your intuition to the next level?


Would you like to feel connected to your higher self, to your spirit guides and trust your own intuition & receive clear guidance from within to help you navigate your life and support those you care about?

Learn about the different Psychic Centers that govern Intuition.

Learn how to align to your soul path purpose

Learn clairvoyant tools to open/close and clear your intuitive channels

Receive guidance, support, and counsel about all subjects intuitive and psychic.

I believe it is so important to develop a crystal clear intuition, especially during times like these.

Our Intuition is our internal navigation system and when we can listen clearly and trust our own inner guidance system we truly have the power to co-create the most abundant life of our own creation.

Having this internal navigation system clear, and working in an optimum and highly functioning way can literally change your life and be the biggest game-changer for you on all levels.

My Internal Navigation System (INS) has saved me over and over again from making poor choices. And in fact, my intuition has saved my life and the lives of my loved ones too.

My Intuition has guided me to know what houses to buy and which ones not to buy, places to live, countries to move to, relationships to starts or end, decisions to make, soul work to channel & birth, and the list goes on and on and on.

My Intuition has helped me make numerous decisions that have helped guide myself and my clients.

Intuition is the cornerstone of being able to consciously create your most abundant life.

I will also be addressing why we do not listen to our intuition and how resistance archetypes can get in the way and I will give tools to help with this.

Somtimes, if we had a lot of childhood trauma then we can see through a trauma lense of perception which can cloud our clear site.

We will learn more about how beliefs can affect our clear vision and I will teach tools to clear and heal your vision so that you can see and feel through a crystal clear intution and not through a lense of trauma and distortion.

I look forward to playing with you in the psychic playground!

Love and Priestess Blessings

Schamet Horsfield

Awaken the Priestess Within 9-Month Soul Practitioner Training

Awaken the Priestess Within

Awaken the Priestess Within is a comprehensive Mind, Body, Spirit integrated Journey that will give you a deep foundational understanding of Ritual, Ceremony, Energy Alchemy, and the transformative power of working with Archetypes, the Oracle, Intuition, the healing arts, & the path of conscious co-creation with the Goddess in order to powerfully walk the path of the New Paradigm Priestess.

Awaken. Align. Transform. Shine.

Awaken to your soul path purpose so you can share your gifts with your friends, family, community, & the world.

"If your words and your actions awaken, align, transform & inspire others to step into their courage to take action, and become an instrument for change, then, you are an excellent leader."

~Schamet Horsfield

"We need women in positions of power. Accept leadership roles, for we need you to promote love and compassion. Women of the millennium: I am calling on you to take your place at the head of a Compassionate Revolution."

—Dalai Lama

Awaken the Priestess Within Level 1

Online New Paradigm Priestess Training - ​Level 1

March, 10th-April 21st, 2024
The transformative power of working with Goddess Archetypes

Training Includes:

  • 7 Priestess Activation Live Coaching Calls.
  • All calls are recorded.
  • Online access to Online Priestess Mystery School Platform (your private online priestess portal).
  • Introduction to the Priestess Path. Rites, Rituals, Ceremony.
  • Access to the Awaken the Priestess Within private FB global sisterhood support group
  • ​​One private 1:1 session with Schamet Horsfield will give you personal 1:1 support upon your transformational journey.
  • ​​Guardian Angel Soul Coaching Partner
  • Guest Mentor Videos in Members Online Mystery School
  • Become part of our Global Priestess Community
Learn More

Awaken the Oracle Within

Develop your Intuition and Psychic Abilities with Schamet Horsfield

January 7th-February 18th, 2024

Training Includes:

  • All of the Content of the Awaken Oracle Within OnlineTraining + Everything below.
  • +7 Live Group Intuition & Clairvoyant Training sessions
  • All calls are recorded.
  • Awaken the Oracle Within e-book
  • ​​Private Awaken the Oracle Within FB Group
  • ​One 90-minute Oracle session with Schamet Horsfield

Awaken your sacred centers.

Develop Intuition & Psychic Abilities.

Week 1: Root Chakra and Creating the Sacred Container

  • Grounding meditation
  • Introduction to intuition and psychic abilities
  • Journey into the psychic playground and finding amusement
  • Awaken your psychic abilities and activate your superpowers

Week 2: Sacral Plexus Chakra and The Art of Surrender.

  • Awaken and activate kundalini for creativity
  • Sacred sexuality and the energy of creativity
  • Learning the art of allowing, surrender, and reading signs from the Universe
  • Body wisdom and energy medicine
  • The magic of emotions and Flower oracle reading

Week 3: Solar Plexus Chakra and Reclaiming Power and activating Merkaba Field 

  • Diamond Mind Meditation (psychic power activation)
  • Activating Merkaba Field of Light
  • Sacred boundaries and sacred fire
  • Psychic protection tools (claiming/activating)
  • Shamanic trance journey to claim your psychic superpowers.
  • How to see and feel auras
  • Cutting cords

Week 4: Heart Chakra: The art of allowing.

  • When we Heal our self, we heal the world. Forgiveness, compassion, and kindness Meditation
  • Tools for forgiveness, surrender, and clearing energy out of field.
  • Creating and Destroying Roses Energy Work
  • Energy Healing tools, tips, and group Reiki energy healing
  • Group activation and energy healing

Week 5: Throat Chakra Clearing the throat Channel

  • Meditation to activate your unique voice.
  • Exploring all the different types of Channeling.
  • Sound Healing and Light Language activation.
  • shamanic journey to connect with your animal spirit guides

Week 6: Third Eye Chakra Activation of third eye and developing Crystal Clear Intuition

  • Third Eye Meditation to activate crystal clear intuition.
  • Learn how to read oracle cards and give a reading.
  • Group Psychometry reading
  • Dream time Incubation
  • Learning to trust your own intuition and the four portals of intuition. Learn how to activate and strengthen them

Week 7: Crown Chakra Claiming your Crown and Connecting to your Channel.

  • Connecting to grace and claiming your crown Meditation
  • The golden sun mediation
  • Dowsing
  • Tools for raising your vibration
  • Connecting to your angels, guardians, guides, and spirit helpers
  • Time for questions integration, and embodiment of new energy

What is included in Awaken the Oracle Within Video recordings, Online live Awaken the Oracle Within activation calls including intuition activation meditations and guided journeys to awaken psychic channels. Private and Intimate Online FB Group / and messenger chat support in the sacred container, one 90-minute private 1:1 Awaken the Oracle Within session with Schamet Horsfield.

What is included

  • 7 Live Awaken the Oracle Within activation calls (all calls recorded).
  • One private 90-minute 1:1 session to support the Awakening of your intuition and psychic abilities with Schamet Horsfield
  • Video lectures & guided practices with videos, audio recordings, and the Awaken the Oracle Within guidebook.
  • A private FB group where we can share, bond, and engage in the Global Awaken the Priestess Within Sisterhood
  • Awaken the Oracle Within will give you a foundational understanding of your intuition, psychic superpowers, and clairvoyant gifts.

When does the Awaken the Oracle Within Training Start?

Schamet lives in New Zealand and because this is an international course please check time zone conversions here for your local time.

Awaken the Oracle Within

Awaken your Intuition and psychic superpowers (gifts) private one-on-one session

with Schamet Horsfield

If you want or need one on one support in developing your intuitive gifts then this session is for you. It is specifically, intentionally, and consciously created as a way of getting one on one support in understanding, stepping into, and mid-wifing your gifts/abilities into the world. I am here as your spiritual & clairvoyant midwife to help you birth your gifts into the world as well as understand your gifts and abilities in a way you can trust your internal navigation system, become sovereign beings and bring your gifts to the world.

Yes, I am ready to Awaken my Oracle Within 

Testimonial Reviews from those who have worked with Schamet.

My Chakra healing with Schamet was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life so far..she is a truly wonderful soul..I have swept along on a journey of love and mind was cleared..I was grounded and lifted to a calm place and this amazing woman fixed my broken wings and inspired me to be strong..the healing room has one of the best backdrops of the Wellington coastline...I recommend this to everybody..the best spiritual counseling you will ever have..Thank you for sharing your special powers with me..blessed be xx💟💟~Jane Carey~Goddess: Warrior Goddess and Carer of Souls

Schamet is a star pick and top of her class, as a life coach, a love coach, and a healer. She is a woman that walks her talk and her power is far-reaching. She legitimately does distance healing (which I used to be skeptical about). After one session I felt like years of confusion and pain washed off me. She is a gentle empathetic listener, and she is a strong warrior willing to tell you the truth and help you bring your spirit alive with power. Schamet knows how to handle the delicacy of your heart, while also helping you manage your mindset. I kid you not when I say I felt as if a backpack full of heavy stones were removed from my body and soul. I've waited ten years to finally find someone to help support me with the right balance of mind/body/spirit. If you want a top-notch coach who will help you navigate your energy, heart, and mind, Schamet is the one. Get a hold of her before she has a huge waiting list. 

Thank you Schamet!

~Dawn Montefusco Transformational Writing Coach 

I've literally just come out of a session with this bright and brilliant Priestess, and I am deeply grateful for the work I have just been able to do in her sacred container. I call her a Priestess because of where and what she can access. I have carried this wound for so long swaddled deep inside me. I was so unaware of the power this wound had in my life. I already knew there was really nothing 3D that would benefit me. I have been trying to reclaim this part of myself for years. This work could only be done in me with someone who could make multidimensional connections. Guide me to the stellar truth and bring the work and the messages from these higher dimensions. Her love is vast and transmissive, her heart is a golden open gate. She has the power to bring new awareness to you so sweetly, that your whole self runs to embrace it. Schamet held me as sacred, she fearlessly moved with my vivid imagination in guiding me to the new place, new thought, and new belief. I needed to hear something new, and what I received has caused a rebirth in me. My eternal thanks Schamet.


Rachel Rose Little Crow: Priestess & Oracle

Schamet is truly a divine Goddess and provided me with insight and compassionate understanding in a loving, honoring space. The healing I received was much more than expected - it was a bouquet of loveliness! With psychic guidance, an exploration of my chakras reveals my strengths and provides practical dietary guidance to allow my solar plexus chakra to shine. I highly recommend her workshops and healing sessions 

~Maria Davey Counselor/Healer

Schamet's intuition is spot on. I had a session with her regarding meeting my soul mate, something I've been at work on for a long time. She honed in immediately on some past trauma. After 1 hour with her, I felt as if something had untangled. I felt clearer about what I wanted as if he was right there beside me. And shortly after, I met him. I highly recommend working with Schamet. 

Leanne Babcock: Coach/Speaker/Author

Testimonial Reviews for Schamet Horsfield

This session about clearing beliefs with Schamet was very special and I had the feeling that I was guided back to myself, and therefore find the answers within myself. That I connected to my core and my gift. A very profound and beautiful experience. Schamet sees very deeply. There are details a coach needs to see that determine success or failure in the coaching process. Schamet sees these details.

In our last coaching session, I felt so seen and understood by her, that my unconscious mind showed me the answer to a question that I'd been searching for a long time - an answer about my calling. When I saw the answer, that I was so scared about, I discovered, that there is nothing to be afraid of. Thank you, Schamet! Markus Hasenauer~Anxiey Coach

I am writing this in complete awe of my experience both personally and professionally with Schamet. I have worked with Schamet as a client and colleague. From my experience, Schamet is one the most heart-centered, authentic human beings I have ever met let alone worked within the professional space of light work and healing. She is extremely intuitive and does everything in her power to serve the greater good of humanity, even if it’s very risky and hard work on her end. Her devotion to this work inspires not just me but many who have worked with her. In my private healing session, I had with her, she helped me transform my life just by that one session in helping me realize the truth I have been hiding from and supporting me along the way in staying true to my soul purpose. Schamet always goes above and BEYOND for her clients and colleagues she works with. Therefore HIGHLY recommend working with her on either spectrum. I cannot thank this woman enough for supporting my growth and transforming my life in such a short amount of time.

- Vanessa Simpson, Founder of Fifth Dimension Therapy, Spiritual Teacher & Coach, Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner

Schamet is an amazing healer, coach, and Goddess

She has a wide array of knowledge that can help any client because studied with so many teachers and mentors. And more importantly, she has so much passion to help people.

I am so inspired by her vision and leadership skills to create an amazing Summit with important figures in our lifetime.

After working with her on a Summit, I can say I highly recommend her for any service she offers.

Michelle Shinigawa~Reiki Master Teacher & Relationship Coach

Schamet is an intuitive and powerful practitioner! She has a gentle way of asking questions that gets to the real pain that I'm experiencing and then helps me explore ways to heal it that works for me. The one thing I love most about Schamet is the way she supports and comforts me. I never feel that I am alone in feeling my emotions - no matter if they are heavy or light. She's with me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

Bryn Bowersock: Sacred Depths Life Coach

I want to do a shout-out to Schamet an amazing guide and coach who also happens to be a Priestess. She expertly guided me through two very difficult topics. She blew me away with the deep heart space she held and her skill at sitting rock solid while in the fire with me. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to navigate challenges and expansion in their life.

Nina Powell: Wild Divine Orgasmic Guide

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the United States and I'm grateful for you Schamet!

Thank you for your heart full of love and for the effort you've put in creating the 'Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman Retreat'. It was 'magical'!!

Thank you for being you and being in my life... from distance, yet so close to my heart!

You're so special and so precious to Mother Earth and all of us.

Dimitra Tiamouri: Healer & Oracle

I would like to book a complimentary clarity connection call with Schamet Horsfield

Schamet Horsfield is an Intuitive & clairvoyant energy soul practitioner, Chakra Teacher/Healer, Transformational Belief Coach, Results Coach, Spiritual Midwife, Priestess, Oracle, Guide, and tree-hugging lover of Planet Earth.

Schamet has been successfully manifesting her most abundant life for over 30 years and has the "superpower" ability to be able to see and feel into the chakras & the shadow.

Schamet facilitates healing, balancing, and clearing, and helps her clients decode what their energy blocks & self-limiting beliefs are so there is greater awareness, and transformational healing which creates the ability to manifest an abundant life on all levels.

Schamet works with clients online privately, as well as teaches online Intuitive and Psychic development courses, Conscious Creation Courses, and her Awakening the Priestess Within 9-month Soul Coach & Transformational Practitioner Training.

Learn more about Schamet Horsfield

Learn more about Schamet Horsfield

Awaken the New Feminine

Paradigm Leadership Summit

Feminine RISING in Leadership Global Online Summit for Intuitive,

Empowered & Heart-Led Leaders.


The FEMININE POWER WITHIN us is RISING and women all over the world are awakening and stepping into their power, however doing it all alone can be lonely, exhausting, and overwhelming.

"In the New Feminine Paradigm, we understand that there is power in numbers and together when we support each other, we can move mountains."

Join the New Feminine Paradigm Movement & community of like-minded Intuitive, Compassionate, heart-led souls that are also here to change the world!

Together WE RISE!

Yes, please add me to the waitlist for the FREE Feminine Leadership Summit
and receive FREE ACESS TO the Awaken the Goddess Within Summit
FEBRUARY 6-14, 2024! 
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