Yes! I want to Join the FREE Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman Within Online Mini-Retreat!
  • Step into your divine feminine power
  • Discover the power of your sensuality and sexuality
  • Activate and connect with your portal of the divine
  • Cultivate & channel your inner fire 
  • Transform anger into passion & passion into creative purpose
  • Step into your creatrix power so that you can consciously create with clarity
  • Learn tools so you can align and connect to your joy
  • Womb healing and activation
  • Integration of all parts of you for a more empowered life.

I am ready to unapologetically stand in my sovereign power, and be the sexy, empowered, and unstoppable force of nature that I am!

~"The Wild Woman Within us that is ready to be seen and heard."

Meet your Sacred Divine Wild Women Retreat Guides

Schamet Horsfield

Sacred Depths Practitioner, Divine Feminine Leader, Oracle, & Priestess.

Honoring our Divine Feminine Energy and re-claiming the wild woman within.

Vanessa Simpson

Spiritual Teacher & Healer

Radical forgiveness with a womb healing ceremony

Meriana Dinkova


Relationship and family therapist

Sex magic for manifesting

Michelle Shinagawa

Life, Space and Relationship Coach

Release your past & Embrace the Goddess within You!

Women all over the world are awakening and we are RISING by claiming all of who we are, authentically!

Collectively we are awakening the divine feminine power within and it is a movement that we all can feel in our hearts, our soul, and in our bones. This patriarchal world has shamed, blamed, abused, framed, and commodified women for lifetimes. Many of us have fallen into the illusion that our emotions, specifically our anger, our rage, and our sensuality/sexuality are sinful, dangerous and something to fear.

Patriarchal thinking has fed us the illusion that if we are in our feminine power, intuitive, and empowered sexually then we are manipulative, deceptive, witches, sluts, whores, feral, and even possibly crazy. Women of wisdom have always known the truth and many of them died for it. Many of us are still shamed, blamed, and persecuted for being in our authentic wild nature. There is a deep cellular fear that keeps many of us frozen. This subconscious or even conscious fear keeps us small. Keeps us hiding in our caves.

However, many of us have heard the calling. The calling to come out of our caves, down from the mountain tops, and to channel our voices as it is time for action. Many of us are being called into Sacred Divine Leadership. The calling to re-claim, align, activate the sacred divine feminine power within.

It is time Goddess to awaken our wild and sacred divine feminine power within so we may live our most empowered and authentic lives by embracing all of who we are and bringing this transformation to the world.

~ Schamet Horsfield

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Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman Within Retreat Schedule Days 1-2

Awaken the Wild Woman Within Retreat Opening Ceremony with Michelle Shinagawa, Meriana Dinkova Vanessa Simpson, and Schamet Horsfield.

Friday 19th November

7:00-8:30 PM Sweden (CET)

6:00-7:30 PM London

Saturday, 20th at 7:00-8:30 AM New Zealand (NZDT)

10:00-11:30 PM California, USA (PST)

1:00-2:30 PM New York (EST)

Live Opening Wild Woman Retreat Circle:

We invite you all to join us for this first call as all of your wild women guides will be here for you to meet and prepare YOU for getting the very best value from your wild woman journey.

This first day will be a very important part of the journey as this is where we will meet and deepen our connections with each other.

As if we were all getting prepared for a safari into the wild jungle of your inner landscape, it's good to be prepared. We will make connections with each other that allow you to truly take a walk on the wild side of your life and make some extraordinary changes.

I personally am a big believer in creating a safe and sacred container of energy in which everyone feels held, seen, heard, and understood in order for deep and profound change to take place.

In this session, we will set the energy for the foundation and prepare everyone for the journey through your awakening journey in order to claim and own your wild woman in a way you never imagined possible!

For our first session together bring a journal and pen, a crystal for grounding, a candle to light, chocolate, and a piece of juicy and ripe fruit that you can eat!

We all very much look forward to meeting you and deepening our connection with you and creating a sacred circle of women and exploring what it means to Awaken the Wild Woman Within.

With great love and respect,

Your Wild Woman Retreat Team:

Schamet Horsfield, Vanessa Simpson, Michelle Shinagawa & Meriana Dinkova.

All sessions will be recorded. If you can't make it to the live call you can listen to the recording.

Honoring our Divine Feminine Energy and re-claiming the wild woman within with Schamet Horsfield.

Friday 19th November

9:00-11:00 PM Sweden (CET)

8:00-10:00 PM London

Saturday, 20th at 9:00-11:00 AM New Zealand (NZDT)

12:00-2:00 PM California, USA (PST)

3:00-5:00 PM New York (EST)

In this Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman Activation we will intimately explore whatever might be your kryptonite. We will safely explore what blocks, beliefs, or patterns keep you stuck in old patterns. Schamet will share tools to help you transform your wounds into wisdom and your wisdom into your superpowers.

  • We will explore patriarchal thinking and learn tools to connect in and align to your Sacred Divine Feminine Power within.
  • Become aware of the limiting self-beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns that no longer serve you. Explore what your Kryptonite is so you can activate your superpowers.
  • Become aware of blind spots so you can see with clarity
  • Learn tools to transform anger into creative passion and that passion into purpose.
  • Step into your empowered & liberated sensual/sexual true nature.
  • Transform wounds into wisdom and wisdom into your superpowers.
  • Connect fully with and activate the Wild Woman and integrate all parts of you in order to align with the fullest expression of your true authentic self.

ABOUT: Schamet Horsfield

Schamet Horsfield is a Sacred Depths Practitioner that is passionate about true and lasting transformation. Schamet worked as a private LMT Healer on the Lord of the Rings trilogy & has been working as a somatic/energy healer on and off for over 20 years. She took time off to have her two boys and when they reached an independent age Schamet heard the calling to offer her healing services to the world again & trained as a Sacred Centers Chakra Yoga Energy Healer and Teacher, Clear Beliefs Coach, Sacred Depths Practitioner, Clairvoyant Channel & Priestess. Schamet is the creatrix of the online mystery school, Awaken the Priestess Within.

Schamet is very passionate about guiding women & men to awaken to their intuitive power to heal and transform their wounds into wisdom and wisdom into their superpowers so they may consciously create their most fulfilled lives.

Please bring a journal, pen, your wild woman song, a candle, massage oil, a piece of juicy ripe fruit of your choice, chocolate, and wear something you feel sexy and empowered in. Be prepared to move, dance, sing in this interactive part of the workshop!

Activating our sensual/sexual energy techniques that will help you hack the matrix of effortless manifestation

Saturday, 20th November

7:00-8:30 PM Sweden (CET)

6:00-7:30 PM London

Sunday, 21st at 7:00-8:30 AM New Zealand (NZDT)

10:00-11:30 AM California, USA (PST)

1:00-2:30 PM New York (EST)

What you can expect from this deeply powerful session

Sexual Energy is one of the most powerful energies we get to engage as humans and its pinnacle is the experience of Orgasm.

Most people are not aware of what immense potential those energies hold way beyond the capacity to bring us immense pleasure.

Join psychotherapist Meriana Dinkova for a powerful, engaging, and enlightening talk, filled with humor and unique perception. You will learn techniques and practices for harnessing and directing those energies in ways that go way beyond the bedroom.

Usually, we are taught that achieving things comes through hard work, willpower, and sacrifice.

In this talk, you will learn techniques that will help you hack the matrix of effortless manifestation.

When mastered and properly directed the energies of sexuality and orgasm can hold the key to effortlessly manifesting our deepest desires and most fulfilling realities- on the personal, the material, and the spiritual plane.

Some of what will be addressed in this workshop:

-How to use the power of our sexual energy and Orgasm to fulfill one's life’s dream and cultivate inner bliss

-The correct use of Desire to attract and magnetize greater wealth and prosperity.

-Using sexual energy for healing

-Where does Love fit into all of this?

-Tantra and tantric sex as a cauldron for Enlightenment.

We are often told that to have the relationships and lifestyle we want, we have to struggle with a lot of effort, sacrifice, willpower, and discipline. We are conditioned to work hard to make money, to fight for power, and to play all kinds of games with sex in order to have the love and life we desire.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn to do it all effortlessly without struggle?

In this powerful evening workshop, you will learn and experience ways of attracting what you want through developing your natural connection to who you really are; your personal empowerment, and your individual self-expression.

You will also learn a most profound meditation that allows you to maintain total awareness of the present moment and tap into the naturally occurring bliss, which is physical and spiritual at the same time.


Meriana Dinkova is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MTF Lic#45696) and Life- and Relationship Coach in private practice in LA. For the last +21 years, she has studied and practiced a variety of tantric, meditative, and therapeutic methods involving the connection between spirit and body and the ways our attention influences our experience, particularly in the realms of connection, mindfulness, and Sexuality.

Release your past & Embrace the Goddess within You with Michelle Shinagawa.

Saturday 20th November

9:30-11:00 PM Sweden (CET)

8:30-10:00 PM London

Sunday, 21st at 9:30-11:00 AM New Zealand (NZDT)

12:30-1:30 PM California, USA (PST)

3:30-5:00 PM New York (EST)

  • Have you been holding on to the painful past that’s no longer serving you?
  • Do you feel like you lacking passion and drive?
  • Are you feeling lost, and want your direction back?
  • Have you been releasing your past or have you been accumulating all the negativity?

Just like you dust off your desk occasionally, you need to dust off your heart. When you accumulate so much dust on your heart, you are no longer shining your Goddess inside of you.

Is it time for you to release your past and bring out the Goddess from inside of you so you can embrace and ravish the juicy Goddess within you?

In this event, You will connect to yourself release your unwanted past embrace and ravish the Goddess within you shine and share your Goddess light with others

After the event You may feel the load of years from your past being lightened in touch with the Goddess within you the desire to walk around frivolously shining your juicy Goddessness!

ABOUT Michelle Shinagawa:

Michelle Shinagawa is a Relationship Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, NeuroMovement® Practitioner, Chakra Therapist, Aromatherapist, Spiritual Counselor, and KonMari Space & Life Organizer. She works with busy professionals who are tired of being overwhelmed and ready to be in charge of their lives and bring joy back into their lives. She is passionate about teaching women how to understand men by healing their past relationship wounds and teaching women How to communicate with men in Menglish. She has studied extensively with many Eastern and Western instructors and can bring a unique combination of various techniques and philosophies into her workshops, private healing and relationship coaching, and space organizing sessions.

Michelle is an expert at teaching people to be Grounded, Centered, and Connected in their Body, Mind, Spirit, and Brain with Love and Joy.

Bring your journal and an open heart!

Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman Within Retreat

Schedule Day 3

Womb healing ceremony with Vanessa Simpson

Sunday 21st November

7:00-8:30 PM Sweden (CET)

6:00-7:30 PM London

Monday 22nd at 7:00-8:30 AM New Zealand (NZDT)

10:00-11:30 AM California, USA (PST)

1:00-2:30 PM New York (EST)

Are you wanting more confidence and closeness in your intimate relationships?

Vanessa Simpson will guide you through a radical forgiveness ceremony and a womb cleansing meditation to clear energy from past partners, old beliefs, and stagnant energy.

She will guide you through a heart-opening meditation that invokes forgiveness of self and others. Vanessa will share tools on how to integrate this work we do in the practical world.

Soul clients of Vanessa Simpson's work have said they:

- "Feel lighter and freer in the heart space towards others and self, feel more in tune with their divine feminine energy, feel more deeply connected to their authentic self."

Vanessa Simpson is a spiritual teacher and healer as well as CEO & Founder of Fifth Dimension Therapy, Integrative Bodywork Therapist, Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, Life & Soul Alignment Coach

Vanessa Simpson has been serving humanity professionally since she got out of high school, and is striving to make a huge impact on this world with her message; "Don't just find a job or career, discover your Soul MISSION & calling for being here on earth" oriented lifestyle - striving for COMPLETE soul fulfillment. Which ultimately means fulfilling your souls calling and purpose on earth. This then means true fulfillment in all aspects of life and the self. Leading a life of excitement, contribution, growth, and heart-centered FREEDOM. It's what Vanessa believes life is truly about!

She believes with all her heart & soul we did not come to earth to pay our bills & retire, we are here to bring a message, to serve humanity, and leave an imprint on this world! To make it a greater place than when we first came into it. She is now serving souls in finding that message, and then empowering them to influence the world with their unique gifts.

ABOUT Vanessa Simpson:

Vanessa is an Integrative Bodywork Therapist, Soul Alignment Coach, and Master Energy Healer, with over 4 years of experience and counting in Advanced Energy Medicine Practices, Shamanism, Reiki, Plant Medicine, along with countless hours of study from the most well known Spiritual Teachers. Vanessa has now served hundreds of people online through Channeled Inspired speaking, 1:1 mentorship & group coaching, in helping other Service Based Individuals add more value to their life by aligning with theirs Souls Purpose, reclaiming their power, and impacting the world with their unique gifts. Vanessa firmly believes in a world of love where we all share our unique stories and messages of Pain to Purpose - to see the butterfly effect of transformation and awakening through all mankind. One word, one breath, one soul at a time.

Wild Woman Integration & closing circle with all participants and your retreat guides.

Sunday 21st November

9:00-11:00 PM Sweden (CET)

8:00-10:00 PM London

Monday 22nd at 9:00-11:00 AM New Zealand (NZDT)

12:00-2:00 PM California, USA (PST)

3:00-5:00 PM New York (EST)

It is my experience that closing a sacred circle is just as important as opening it.

This session will be a lovely way for all of us to come together and integrate everything that we have experienced. This will be an opportunity to ask any questions as all Sacred Divine Wild Women retreat leaders will be present.

We will help support you to integrate everything you have learned in the retreat as well as tools for you to continue to embody the new energy you have awakened within the retreat.

We are all over the moon happy and excited to share this Transformational Sacred Divine Wild Woman journey with all of you!

Sacred Divine Wild Woman Blessings, Schamet, Michelle, Vanessa, & Meriana Dinkova.

Invest in YOUR Sacred Divine Wild Woman NOW!

Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman Retreat value $999

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Enjoy this 3-day immersive and intimate online retreat for only $111

The first 10 people to sign up will be gifted a 90-minute Transformational Belief Coaching Session with Schamet Horsfield. (Value $198)

A 45 min: Release your past and live a spark joy life with Michelle Shinagawa (valued at $112)

WOW!!! What incredible offerings Happy 11:11 Portal of Sacred Divine Empowerment!!!

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