Awaken the Priestess Within

"I believe that you are here for a reason, a purpose, & once you are able to align with who you are,  what you have come here to do, & align with your particular brand of magic then all doors will open, & everything will unfold for you. I am here to support you in your awakening journey." ~ Schamet Horsfield

I want to learn more about the Priestess Path & how I can become an ordained New Paradigm Priestess.

Awaken the Priestess Within is a comprehensive Mind, Body, Spirit integrated Journey that will give you a deep foundational understanding of Ritual, Ceremony, Energy Alchemy, and the transformative power of working with Archetypes, the Oracle, Intuition, the healing arts, & the path of conscious co-creation with the Goddess in order to powerfully walk the path of the New Paradigm Priestess.

Awaken. Align. Transform. Shine.

Awaken to your soul path purpose so you can share your gifts with your friends, family, community, & the world.

Artwork by Linzy Arnott

A New Paradigm Priestess is a channel of the divine feminine energy & serves in order to bring this healing to herself, her family, & to her community.

She is an unstoppable force of nature.

A Priestess lives her life as she chooses & in balance with the seasons, moon cycles, & is in tune with her own emotional seasons.

She is wild & creates her own rules.

A New Paradigm Priestess is imaginative and brings beauty & magic to the mundane. She is highly intuitive, a sensitive yet powerful soul & knows deep within her bones she came here to this planet for a reason & a purpose. A New Paradigm Priestess is a heart-based, joyful, & loving leader & she serves with kindness in order to lead the awakening of humanity into the new paradigm.

Artwork by Shelly Sage

Learn more about Sacred Divine Feminine Leadership & register for the Awaken the Priestess Within Curriculum.

Awaken the Priestess Within 9-month Path of the Priestess Training

June 24th, 2023-February 24th, 2024

9-Month Transformational Soul PractitionerTraining

YOUR energetic wellness and health is your wealth and in order to bring in abundance on all levels you must clear out anything that is holding you back from achieving your dreams.

This Priestess training works from the ground up. We root down in order to rise.

This is a 9-month deep dive into your chakras, your beliefs, your energy field, generational patterns, and your shadow, so that you may bring awareness, & transform your wounds into wisdom and your wisdom into your superpowers.

This is a deeply transformative training that will help guide and align you to your soul path purpose, develop your gifts & bring healing to yourself, your family, your community, & the world.

This training is for you if... 

  • You know you are here for a reason & you are ready to step into your purpose
  • You want to align to your soul path purpose & bring your gifts to the world
  • You have been on your own self-healing journey & you feel you are wanting support, sisterhood, more tools, and are ready for expansion & are ready to up-level.
  • You are ready to let go of anything that is holding you back from the magic inside that is alive & awakening inside of you.
  • You are ready to dive deep into the Sacred Depths of your soul and align fully to your particular brand of magic.
  • You are ready for true and lasting transformation and are prepared to commit to doing the soul work to make that happen.
  • You are ready to make a positive impact in the world & be part of the solution
  • You are ready to develop, trust & channel your intuitive, empathic, & psychic abilities
  • You are ready to awaken your authentic voice & develop the message you have to share with the world
  • You are ready to discover your soul path purpose & have crystal clear clarity of why you are here so you can help serve others
  • You are ready to step powerfully into your leadership & become unstoppable.
  • You are craving a community of supportive women who will walk beside you as you are cocooning and undergoing your metamorphosis and you yearn for a trusted & sacred global sisterhood to rise together along your awakening journey...
  • You are ready to live a magical life supported by the seasons, cycles, and energetics of this powerful Mother Gaia & the cosmos which can prevent burnout & support energy levels.
  • You would like to learn more about the goddess and embody & integrate this energy for empowerment, alternative healing, & deeper connection
  • You are committed to transforming your wounds into wisdom and your wisdom into your superpowers!
  • You are ready to own your own journey & be the victor and not the victim of your reality.
  • You would like a grounded foundational understanding and overview on how to bring your spiritual gifts to the world.
  • This training is not for you if you want someone else to heal you or fix you. I believe you are whole and complete as you are. This training will help you awaken to the powerful Priestess within you.
Yes, I am ready to Join the Awaken the Priestess Within Training Now.

Are you ready to Awaken the Sacred Divine Feminine Within and step upon the New Paradigm Priestess Path?

Are you ready to transform your wounds into your wisdom and your wisdom into your superpowers? Are you ready to transform the mundane into magic?

This is an invitation to learn the transformative Alchemy of working with Ritual, Ceremony, and the Sacred Divine Feminine Archetypes in order to deepen your connection to your intuition and awaken you to your life path purpose.

Why? Because when you step into the Awaken the Priestess Within Sacred Divine Feminine Container of support you learn techniques that activate your fire so you can step into the power of who you are, learn transformative tools for healing and are guided upon your awakening journey so you can bring your particular brand of magic to your family, your friends, your community, and to the world!

Awaken. Align. Transform. Shine.

Yes, Please send me the Awaken the Priestess Within Curriculum 

Awaken the Priestess Within 9-Month Soul Practitioner Training

Awaken the Priestess Within

Awaken the Priestess Within is a comprehensive Mind, Body, Spirit integrated Journey that will give you a deep foundational understanding of Ritual, Ceremony, Energy Alchemy, and the transformative power of working with Archetypes, the Oracle, Intuition, the healing arts, & the path of conscious co-creation with the Goddess in order to powerfully walk the path of the New Paradigm Priestess.

Awaken. Align. Transform. Shine.

Awaken to your soul path purpose so you can share your gifts with your friends, family, community, & the world.

Sacred Divine Feminine Leadership

Soul Practitioner Training

"If your words and your actions awaken, align, transform & inspire others to step into their courage to take action, and become an instrument for change, then, you are an excellent leader."

~Schamet Horsfield

Sacred Divine Feminine Leadership Training is for the Awakened Priestesses, Change Agents, Transformational Practitioners, Lovers & shakers, Light leaders, Coaches, Healers, Therapists, and all who are ready to uplevel their leadership skills, deepen their soul coaching techniques, soul practitioner skills, and are ready for next-level transformational mastery in becoming a Sacred Divine Feminine Light Leader of the New Paradigm.

"We need women in positions of power. Accept leadership roles, for we need you to promote love and compassion. Women of the millennium: I am calling on you to take your place at the head of a Compassionate Revolution."

—Dalai Lama

Awaken the Priestess Within

New Paradigm Priestess Training

June 24th, 2023-February 24th, 2024

Training Includes:

  • 10 Priestess Activation Live Coaching Calls.
  • All calls are recorded.
  • Online access to Online Priestess Mystery School Platform (your private online priestess portal).
  • Access to all Priestess Path Video Training in the Priestess Portal.
  • Introduction to the Priestess Path. Rites, Rituals, Ceremony.
  • Access to the Awaken the Priestess Within private FB global sisterhood support group
  • ​​7 private 1:1 private sessions with Schamet Horsfield will give you personal 1:1 support upon your transformational journey.
  • ​​Guardian Angel Soul Coaching Partner
  • Guest Mentor Videos in Members Online Mystery School
  • Self Love Marriage Sacred Ceremony
  • Priestess Initiation, Ceremony, Online Celebration
  • Become part of our Global Priestess Community
  • This will be a Certificate Course (Awaken the Priestess Within Priestess Certificate) and upon completion, you will become an Initiated Priestess.
  • Upon completion of training, You will have the option to be listed on the Awakening the Priestess Within Global Priestess Website.
  • Opportunity to be interviewed on the Awaken the Priestess Within Podcast.
  • ​​Worksheets & Priestess Activation Information.

Soul Business Bonuses

  • 1:1 Soul Path Purpose Soul Coaching Journey.
  • Re-Write your money story Workshop
  • Conscious Creation Soul Business Masterclass with Schamet's Business Coach.
  • Introduction to social media & marketing
  • ​​Making professional Social Media Videos with Schamet
  • Soul Business Worksheets
Yes, I am ready to commit to the New Paradigm Priestess Path and I want to save $1,000 USD!

Awaken the New Paradigm Within Leadership Academy

Transformational Mind. Body. Soul Practitioner Training

 June 25th, 2023-March 24th, 2024

Training Includes:

  • All of the Content of the Awaken the New Paradigm Priestess Within Training + Everything below.
  • +10 Leadership Activation Live Soul Practitioner Calls.
  • All calls are recorded.
  • Soul Practitioner & Leadership Techniques, New Paradigm Leadership tools, soul practitioner guided healing journeys.
  • Awaken the Oracle WIthin 7-Week Journey.​​
  • Awaken the Conscious Creatrix Journey
  • Full access pass to the Sacred Divine Leadership Summit.
  • All workshops, events, and circles are included in the mastery program for the year.
  • ​10 Q/A & Soul Practitioner Group Calls to go deeper into practicing your soul practitioner skills and receive guidance, support, & feedback from Schamet & the Group
  • ​​Private Leadership FB Group
  • ​Sacred Divine Feminine Leadership Worksheets

Soul Business Bonuses

  • Soul Business Leadership Masterclass
  • ​​Bring your Soul Gifts to the World Masterclass
  • Leadership Masterclass
  • Opportunity to Lead a New Paradigm Sisterhood Circle + Feedback.
  • Live Launching your soul business Q & A with Schamet

Testimonial Reviews from those who have worked with Schamet Horsfield.

I had an amazing session with Schamet and it blew me away! It was such a wonderful experience and gave me such clarity. Happy to report that the majority has come true and the soul partner we talked about walked into my life just weeks after the reading!!

Leesa Watt~ Anxiety Coach & Social Media Expert

I have found Schamet to be an enthusiastic generous leader of the various activities and courses I have participated in this year.

She is warm, encouraging, and positive. She brings people together in a way that allows them to share without judgment.

She also is willing to share her own stories that are relevant to whatever we are studying or practicing at the time.

This is refreshing in that she does not set herself up as a Guru above others.

 I have found Schamet open, honest, and warm-hearted. She treats every member of her course as a sacred gem, a person who has treasures to share.

She teaches by giving herself permission to be vulnerable and telling stories, which encourages others to have the courage to do the same, being vulnerable to share and face their own shadow with the courage to see what it reveals for their future growth.

~Pam Stainton: Author/Teacher/Priestess

I have been on this Priestess training with Schamet for most of this year and have worked with her in other trainings too. What an amazing soul! The transformations that have taken place not just in me but in all of the women have been spectacular. Women stepping into their power and embodying the Divine. We have learned to face our shadows, our wounds, and our fears and found ways to be thankful for them, a skill I never knew was even possible. This has been a life-altering course and I can not recommend it highly enough.

Diane Wright- Transitional Grief Guide & Soul Coach

Schamet is an outstanding guide and gifted, authentic priestess/facilitator. The depth of bonds forged in our priestess training circle speak volumes about her skill and superpowers and I am honored to be a part! I would not hesitate to recommend her to all. Everyone in our circle is experiencing massive transformation thanks to the safe, spacious container created by Schamet.

Maginel Galt: Priestess & Spiritual Midwife

I knew by signing up for the priestess training that it will be transformational. More than halfway through training now I have to say Schamet helped me and I’m sure the other priestess in training to face ourselves, see our true potential, and find our magic. She is encouraging from her heart and deep understanding that transformation isn’t an easy walk but worth going. I thank you Schamet with deep gratitude for your work.

Beata Gehricke ~ Reiki Master/Priestess/Healer

What a truly awesome Leader, in her field of expertise! Big shifts, great support along with fantastic friendships. If you want to explore more of yourself then look no further. You are meant to be where you are right now, don't doubt it, just do it you won't regret it only the opposite!

Suzee Gee: Intuitive & Empathic Private Investigator

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Testimonial Reviews from those who have worked with Schamet Horsfield.

My Chakra healing with Schamet was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life so far..she is a truly wonderful soul..i was swept along on a journey of love and mind was cleared..i was grounded and lifted to a calm place and this amazing woman fixed my broken wings and inspired me to be strong..the healing room has one of the best backdrops of the Wellington coastline...I recommend this to everybody..the best spiritual counselling you will ever have..Thankyou for sharing your special powers with me..blessed be xx💟💟~Jane Carey~Goddess: Warrior Goddess and Carer of Souls

Schamet is a star pick and top of her class, as a life coach, a love coach, and a healer. She is a woman that walks her talk and her power is far-reaching. She legitimately does distance healing (which I used to be skeptical about). After one session I felt like years of confusion and pain washed off me. She is a gentle empathetic listener, and she is a strong warrior willing to tell you the truth and help you bring your spirit alive with power. Schamet knows how to handle the delicacy of your heart, while also helping you manage your mindset. I kid you not when I say I felt as if a backpack full of heavy stones were removed from my body and soul. I've waited ten years to finally find someone to help support me with the right balance of mind/body/spirit. If you want a top-notch coach who will help you navigate your energy, heart, and mind, Schamet is the one. Get a hold of her before she has a huge waiting list. 

Thank you Schamet!

~Dawn Montefusco Transformational Writing Coach 

I've literally just come out of a session with this bright and brilliant Priestess, and I am deeply grateful for the work I have just been able to do in her sacred container. I call her a Priestess because of where and what she can access. I have carried this wound for so long swaddled deep inside me. I was so unaware of the power this wound had in my life. I already knew there was really nothing 3D that would benefit me. I have been trying to reclaim this part of myself for years. This work could only be done in me with someone who could make the multidimensional connections. Guide me to the stellar truth and bring the work and the messages from these higher dimensions. Her love is vast and transmissive, her heart is a golden open gate. She has the power to bring new awareness to you so sweetly, that your whole self runs to embrace it. Schamet held me as sacred, she fearlessly moved with my vided imagination in guiding me to the new place, new thought and new belief. I needed to hear something new, and what I received has caused a rebirth in me. My eternal thanks Schamet.


Rachel Rose Little Crow: Priestess & Oracle

Schamet is an amazing healer, coach, and Goddess

She has a wide array of knowledge that can help any clients because studied with so many teachers and mentors. And more importantly, she has so much passion to help people.

I am so inspired by her vision and leadership skill to create an amazing Summit with important figures in our lifetime.

After working with her on a Summit, I can say I highly recommend her for any service she offers.

Michelle Shinigawa~Reiki Master Teacher & Relationship Coach

Schamet's intuition is spot on. I had a session with her regarding meeting my soul mate, something I've been at work on for a long time. She honed in immediately on some past trauma. After 1 hour with her, I felt as if something had untangled. I felt clearer about what I wanted as if he was right there beside me. And shortly after, I met him. I highly recommend working with Schamet. 

Leanne Babcock: Coach/Speaker/Author

Schamet Horsfield

Clairvoyant Oracle, New Paradigm Priestess, Sacred Divine Feminine Light Leader, Sacred Depths Practitioner, Transformational Beliefs Coach, and Creatrix of the Awaken the Priestess Within which is an Online Mystery School & 10-month Sacred Divine Feminine Soul Coach Practitioner Training.

Schamet is passionate about helping people become more aware of self-limiting beliefs, abundance blocks, unhealthy patterns, and whatever might be holding her soul clients back from consciously creating the life of their dreams. She loves to powerfully guide women & men upon their empowering journey of transforming wounds into wisdom and wisdom to superpowers.


Schamet is here to contribute to making this world a better place by awakening consciousness, birthing in the New Paradigm & activating those who are ready to become part of the solution.

With her Clairvoyant Gifts and particular Intuitive brand of magic, she helps her clients develop Intuition, psychic gifts, awaken the sacred divine feminine energy, activate priestess power, align to their soul path purpose, and become Sovereign Queens, Awakened Priestesses, & Sacred Divine Feminine Leaders.

I want to learn more, please.
Yes, I am ready to Join the Awaken the Priestess Within Training Now.
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