Yes! I want to Join the Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman
Self Love & Self Marriage online retreat!
  • Step into your divine feminine power
  • Transform your wounds into our wisdom and our wisdom into your superpowers!
  • Learn tools for self-love and self-acceptance
  • Learn tools for forgiveness and radical self-acceptance
  • Expand into deeper layers of our abundance mindset in order to manifest our wildest dreams
  • Discover the power of your sensuality and sexuality
  • Activate and connect with your portal of self-love & connection to the divine
  • Cultivate & channel your inner fire 
  • Transform anger into passion & passion into creative purpose
  • Step into your creatrix power so that you can consciously create with clarity
  • Learn tools so you can align and connect to your joy
  • Womb healing and activation
  • Wealth consciousness & abundance mindset activation
  • Integration of all parts of you for a more empowered life.

Self-Love and Self Marriage

Online Ceremonial Healing Retreat

April-1st-2nd, 2023

Meet your Self-Love Guide

Schamet Horsfield is looking forward to guiding you to a deeper depth of self-love and unshakable confidence within you so that you can step into your power and create a committed life of love, passion, and purpose.

New Paradigm Priestess, Clairvoyant Soul Practitioner Healer & Teacher, Transformational Spiritual Guide, & Sacred Divine Feminine Leader

Schamet Horsfield is passionate about doing what she can to help make this world a better place by awakening consciousness, and birthing in the New Feminine Paradigm. She helps her soul clients transform their wounds into their wisdom, their wisdom into superpowers so they can manifest the most abundant life of their wildest dreams.

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I am ready to love myself completely, commit to myself, unapologetically stand in my sovereign power, and be the abundant, empowered, and unstoppable force of nature that I am!

~"The Wild Woman Within us that is ready to be seen and heard."

Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman Self-love and self-marriage ceremonial online Retreat date and times

(Please check for your local time and date)

May-6th-7th, 2023

Day 1: May 6th 10am-12pm NZST

Day 2: May 7th 10am-12pm NZST

Women all over the world are awakening and we are RISING by claiming all of who we are, authentically!

Collectively we are awakening the divine feminine power within and it is a movement that we all can feel in our hearts, our soul, and in our bones. This patriarchal world has shamed, blamed, abused, framed, and commodified women for lifetimes. Many of us have fallen into the illusion that our emotions, specifically our anger, our rage, and our sensuality/sexuality are sinful, dangerous and something to fear.

Patriarchal thinking has fed us the illusion that if we are in our feminine power, intuitive, and empowered sexually then we are manipulative, deceptive, witches, sluts, whores, feral, and even possibly crazy. Women of wisdom have always known the truth and many of them died for it. Many of us are still shamed, blamed, and persecuted for being in our authentic wild nature. There is a deep cellular fear that keeps many of us frozen. This subconscious or even conscious fear keeps us small. Keeps us hiding in our caves.

However, many of us have heard the calling. The calling to come out of our caves, down from the mountain tops, and to channel our voices as it is time for action. Many of us are being called into Sacred Divine Leadership. The calling to re-claim, align, activate the sacred divine feminine power within.

It is time Goddess to awaken our wild and sacred divine feminine power within so we may live our most empowered and authentic lives by embracing all of who we are and bringing this transformation to the world.

~ Schamet Horsfield

Meet your Self Love & Wild Woman Guide & Creatrix of this event Schamet Horsfield,

Schamet Horsfield believes with her whole heart and soul that love is the most important energy and spiritual pathway on the planet.

Schamet went on a path of self-love & self-healing over 25 years ago. She was deep in meditation in the temple of Sekhmet in Egypt in 1999 and received spiritual guidance direct from her spirit guides that she was meant to marry herself and so she did which has resulted in deep healing.

This ceremony and pathway have been a foundational cornerstone of the work Schamet guides her soul clients through in her priestess training.

Schamet consciously created her life partner which is the man of her wildest dreams, 24 years ago, had a fairy tale dream wedding come true, and lives with the love of her life (passionately), two beautiful children, and her dog Snowy Starla in Stockholm, Sweden.

Conscious Creation Coach, Clairvoyant Oracle, New Paradigm Priestess, Sacred Divine Feminine Light Leader, Sacred Depths Practitioner, Transformational Beliefs Coach, and Creatrix of the Awaken the Priestess Within which is an Online Mystery School & 10-month Sacred Divine Feminine Soul Coach Practitioner Training.

Schamet is passionate about helping people become more aware of self-limiting beliefs, abundance blocks, unhealthy patterns, and whatever might be holding her soul clients back from consciously creating the life of their wildest dreams. She loves to powerfully guide women & men upon their empowering journey of transforming wounds into wisdom and wisdom into superpowers.


-Schamet Horsfield

Schamet is here to contribute to making this world a better place by awakening consciousness, birthing in the New Paradigm & activating those who are ready to become part of the solution.

With her Clairvoyant Gifts and particular Intuitive brand of magic, she helps her clients develop Intuition, and psychic gifts, awaken the sacred divine feminine energy, activate priestess power, align to their soul path purpose, deepen intimacy & love of self and in relationships, manifest their soul mates, realign with passion, and become Sovereign Queens, Awakened Priestesses, & Sacred Divine Feminine Leaders

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Invest in self-love & self-acceptance of YOUR Sacred Divine Wild Woman NOW and watch your whole life transform!

Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman Self love & Self Marriage online retreat value $999

Enjoy this 3-day immersive and intimate online retreat for only $198

May 6th and 7th, 2023

The first 10 people to sign up will be gifted a 90-minute 1:1 Conscious Creation Coaching session with Schamet Horsfield. (Value $230)

A personal note from your Wild Woman Self-love & Self Marriage guide, Schamet Horsfield

When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up to be a relationship counselor. I wanted to help bring more love to the world...

I wanted more than anything to help bring more love to my family.

Our soul work is often connected to our childhood stories.

My mom and dad divorced when I was 9 years old. My mom then left my stepdad when I was 15 years old. Both sets of aunt and uncles were divorced by the time I was in my early twenties and so I grew up not believing in marriage or lasting love, in fact, I held the trauma of my childhood experience in my body, mind, and soul, for many years. I held the belief that love was scary, dangerous, and not safe.

I told myself and the world that I would never get married, I would never have children and I really thought I meant it at the time. Vulnerability meant I could be hurt and so I kept most people at a distance. My heart was closed and for many years & I closed myself off from truly falling in love. That was an old version of me over 24 years ago before I learned to love myself and attract to me more love and beauty than I could ever possibly imagine!

When I look back I realize that LOVE is what I truly wanted deep down inside of my heart and soul the whole time and as soon as I remembered who I truly was I was able to learn to love myself, awaken to my soul path purpose and attract the kind of love that was not only lasting but that would become a big part of my spiritual path and soul evolution.

I was able to heal my generational wounds, patterns, and self-limiting beliefs, and consciously create the man of my wildest dreams! I am forever on this path!

After 24 years of passionate joy, love, and intimacy in my marriage, I now help my soul clients let go of what may be blocking them from love and attract the partner of their dreams! Because I have walked this path, I have the roadmap to true and lasting self-love & consciously creating one's soul mate & life partner. I walk the walk and talk the talk and I love, LOVE itself!

I also love to help couples reignite their passion and create more love and intimacy within their relationships. I have helped many soul clients not only save their marriages but also to reconnect & fall passionately in love all over again!

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Are you ready to awaken, activate & unleash the power of your sacred divine wild authentic self, love and commit to yourself fully in order to consciously create and manifest a life of your wildest dreams?

Join the Awaken the Sacred Divine Wild Woman Self-love and self-marriage ceremonial online retreat!

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