I value love, kindness, honesty & authenticity above everything.
I am aligned with my core values personally and professionally.

I believe that business is a spiritual practice. My clients are not just clients they are my soul clients that I love and value.

I am committed and passionate about true and lasting transformation and being masterful at what I do by providing the highest level of soul coaching, guidance, transformational mentoring, teaching, oracle readings, chakra energy healing, Priestessing, and sacred depths facilitation.

I am fully dedicated to overdelivering and co-creating incredible results with my soul clients. I have trained with the BEST mentors/teacher in the transformation industry and I have developed the most effective methods and tools for successful client results,

Clarity Connection Call

I am committed to walking the walk, talking the talk, and being authentic.

I can only take my soul clients as far as I have gone myself, and it is essential for me to continuously do my own soul work. I am 100% committed to consciously dancing with my own shadows, befriending my own fears, working with and harnessing all of my archetypes & parts so they are working for me and not against me, re-wiring my own negative thought patterns, breaking free from my own wheels of self-sabotage.

I am committed to healing and working through my own triggers, patterns, beliefs, and old outdated story that no longer serve my highest and best good. I have extensive training in clearing beliefs, patterns, shadow work, and transformational soul coaching tools.

Commitment to True and Lasting Transformation

I am committed to lovingly and kindly guiding my clients upon their awakening journey so they may be able to see their own shadows, blind spots, triggers, patterns, and beliefs in order to create awareness, have powerful breakthroughs, and transform their lives. 

When there is awareness & a commitment to growth then and only then can true breakthroughs and change take place. 

Because I have the understanding that you can not successfully guide someone else into the depths of their soulful transformation unless you have already been there yourself and successfully been able to navigate your own transformative journey successfully.

I have been 100% committed to my transformational journey and have already faced the inner depths of repressed, disowned, and unactualized parts of myself and I have faced my own shadow, triggers, my limiting self-beliefs, my old and outworn stories, and have truly been committed to my own inner landscape soul work.

I know how to navigate through my own shadowlands, I can now fully support my clients in going deep and creating the change they want in their lives.

I am also extensively trained in going deep and working with shadow, beliefs, resistance archetypes. I have a masterful collection of skills and tools, strategies, and wisdom I share with my soul clients in order to break through limiting beliefs, create new patterns and new stories that help my soul clients consciously create true and lasting transformation. 

Trauma-informed soul coach, guide, Oracle, Priestess & transformational practitioner.

I offer soul coaching, facilitation, guidance, teaching, mentoring, and healing with authentic and heartfelt integrity.  

Because I am passionate about offering my clients the highest value I can I have been trained by many masterful teachers including Wilbert Alix, Debbie & Carlos Rosas, Vincent Martinez-Grieco, Deanna Marcus, Anodea Judith, Lion Goodman, Joanna Lindenbaum, and Tony Robbins.

I am committed to mastery and 100% showing up for my soul clients & students with absolute integrity, passion, love, kindness, authenticity, and I have a trauma-informed skillset.

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Modern Day Mystic. Ritual, Sacred Ceremony, Awaking Consciousness, Divine Feminine Leadership & the Seasons.

A big part of my soul work and foundational core values, beliefs, commitments, and principles are based on my connection to the sacred cycles and seasons of the earth and the sacred rhythm and connection to something sacred and divine awaking within.

I integrate ritual, ceremony, and natural seasons and cycles of the moon, sun, planets, death, and rebirth within the fabric and foundation of all of my expressions, training, and even in my one on one appointments.

I am a Priestess and an advocate and channel of the sacred divine feminine energy that is here now to both birth and midwife in the new paradigm.

I am a sacred divine feminine leader that is here to serve humanity and awaken us all to the new paradigm which is based on love, kindness, compassion, and the healing that needs to happen within us all in order to awaken our consciousness and birth heaven on earth.

Honoring ALL walks of life.

I honor all spiritual roads, religions, beliefs, spiritual pathways, and all are welcome. I believe that all expressions are different parts of the "oneness and unity" within each and every one of us upon this journey of life. Whether you use the words Mother Earth, Father Sky, God, Goddess, Universe, Cosmos, Creator, Creatrix, Spirit, or the Sacred divine force energy I personally see this source of energy as different and beautiful expressions, beliefs, stories, and honor the sacred beauty and connection within all walks of life. I honor our differences and our connections. I honor the sacredness that is within you that is also in me. 


I am committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment that honors the experiences of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and physical abilities. I am conscious of my own privileges and approach every client interaction from an understanding of how to check my privileges so I can fully support my clients.

I am committed to doing my part and making this world a better place.

I truly am committed to helping where I can and will be donating 10% of all proceeds to helping free women from sex trafficking, as well as donating to Pachamama Alliance as I am passionate about helping empower women, indigenous culture, as well as helping to save the rainforests.

Yes, I am a tree-hugging peaceful warrior who loves to help empower women.

If you want to help these changemakers I highly agree with the difference both of these organizations are making in the world.

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Protecting the source, inspiring the future



Clarity Connection Call with Schamet Horsfield

How can Schamet help you?

Transform your wounds into wisdom and your wisdom into your superpowers so you can consciously create and manifest a life of your wildest dreams!

I help guide my clients to create new and empowering beliefs, create new & empowering patterns, and ultimately create a new story that anchors in the change that consciously creates more joy, fulfillment, passion, and purpose.

"Schamet is a star pick and top of her class, as a life coach, a love coach, and a healer. She is a woman that walks her talk and her power is far-reaching. She legitimately does distance healing (which I used to be skeptical about). After one session I felt like years of confusion and pain washed off me. She is a gentle empathetic listener, and she is a strong warrior willing to tell you the truth and help you bring your spirit alive with power. Schamet knows how to handle the delicacy of your heart, while also helping you manage your mindset. I kid you not when I say I felt as if a backpack full of heavy stones were removed from my body and soul. I've waited ten years to finally find someone to help support me with the right balance of mind/body/spirit. If you want a top-notch coach who will help you navigate your energy, heart, and mind, Schamet is the one. Get a hold of her before she has a huge waiting list." 
-Dawn Montefusco

Transformational Writing Coach

I can help you develop your intuition and psychic abilities so you can step into your power and trust your own inner guidance system.

I work with helping my clients clear and heal generational wounds/patterns, deep soul/energy clearing, healing the inner child, shadow work, developing crystal clear intuition, and re-writing a new story that puts my client in the driver's seat of their lives.

"Schamet's intuition is spot on. I had a session with her regarding meeting my soul mate, something I've been at work on for a long time. She honed in immediately on some past trauma. After 1 hour with her, I felt as if something had untangled. I felt clearer about what I wanted as if he was right there beside me. And shortly after, I met him. I highly recommend working with Schamet." 

Leanne Babcock: Coach/Speaker/Author  

Are you ready to transform your wounds into wisdom and your wisdom into your superpowers so you can consciously create a life of your wildest dreams?

I would love to meet you for a complimentary clarity connection call and see if working together is aligned!

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