Awaken the Priestess Within FREE Guidebook & 30 minute healing with Malinda Starr

Hello beautiful Priestess's, I'm super excited to share this Priestess guide book with you and to offer you a gift of a 30 minute Quantum healing with me in exchange for a review.

In this free guidebook, I share ten ways to awaken the Priestess within you. (These are ten ways to Awaken, align, transform, and SHINE)

Yes, I want the FREE Priestess Guidebook!

Awaken the Priestess Within Soul Practitioner Training

Awaken the Priestess Within

Awaken the Priestess Within is a comprehensive Mind, Body, Spirit integrated Journey that will give you a deep foundational understanding to help elevate your Personal Journey through transformative power of working with Archetypes, the Oracle, Intuition, Energy Alchemy the healing arts, & the path of conscious co-creation with the Goddess to powerfully walk the path of the New Paradigm Priestess.

Awaken. Align. Transform. Shine.

Awaken to your soul path and connect to your purpose so you can share your gifts with the world.

"If your words and your actions awaken, align, transform & inspire others to step into their courage to take action, and become an instrument for change, then, you are an excellent leader."

"Walk tall as the Trees; Live Strong as the Mountains, be Gentle as the Spring Winds, Keep the Warmth of the Summer in your Heart, and the Great Spirit will always be with you"

Awaken the Priestess Within Level 1

Online New Paradigm Priestess Training - ​Level 1

Training Includes:

  • 7 Priestess Activation Live Coaching Calls.
  • All calls are recorded.
  • Online access to Online Priestess Mystery School Platform (your private online priestess portal).
  • Introduction to the Priestess Path. Rites, Rituals, Ceremony.
  • Access to the Awaken the Priestess Within private FB global sisterhood support group
  • ​​One private 1:1 session with Schamet Horsfield will give you personal 1:1 support upon your transformational journey.
  • ​​Guardian Angel Soul Coaching Partner
  • Guest Mentor Videos in Members Online Mystery School
  • Become part of our Global Priestess Community
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Desert Starr Retreat

Desert Starr is a beautiful all-inclusive private to semi-private Healing Retreat. Located in the desert foothills of the Catalina Mountains in Tucson Arizona. Designed for you to take a scared pause, quieting your mind and relaxing your body, invigorating your senses, and connecting deeply to the true essence of who you are. Through sacred Ceremony & Rituals, Healing Modalities, Sound Healing Baths, Activations, Meditations, Cacao Ceremonies & Oracle Readings. Creating space to Awaken, Transform, and Connect to the God/Goddess within you.

"What is a Goddess?

A Goddess knows she is made in the creator's own image and, in fact, she is the co-creator of her reality and that she is the Universe and the Universe is her. She understands that she is the microcosm of the macrocosm. She knows she is made of stars and she is a woman who stands in her power as a creatrix. (A woman who co-creates her reality.)

"Are you ready to awaken the goddess within?"

What is a Priestess?

A  Priestess is a living vessel for the Divine Feminine & acts as a bridge between worlds. She is a medicine woman for her community. She is empathic, intuitive & can see beneath the veil. She is a leader & a way shower of truth, love & light. A Priestess is a true healer. She models self-love & self-care so that her cup flows with more than enough abundance in order to serve the highest good of her family & her community. A Priestess is spiritually sovereign & has a direct connection to the source of unconditional love. The priestess is here to help heal the feminine wound & create change for the highest good of humanity, mother Gaia, & the World"

"Are you ready to awaken your Priestess within?"

"What is an Oracle?"

An Oracle is a person, agency, or Priest/Priestess considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions, most notably including precognition of the future .

Schamet Horsfield, of Awaken the Priestess within is a Proud Sponsor of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid

Awaken the New Feminine Paradigm Leadership Summit

Feminine RISING in Leadership Global Online Summit for Intuitive,

Empowered & Heart-Led Leaders.


Register for the FREE Leadership Summit!

The FEMININE POWER WITHIN us is RISING and women all over the world are awakening and stepping into their power, however doing it all alone can be lonely, exhausting, and overwhelming.

"In the New Feminine Paradigm, we understand that there is power in numbers and together when we support each other, we can move mountains."

Join the New Feminine Paradigm Movement & community of like-minded Intuitive, Compassionate, heart-led souls that are also here to change the world!

Together WE RISE!

We are all awakening and rising authentically, claiming all of who we are.

It is time to heal and to blossom into the fullness of you. Many of us have been afraid to embrace our divine feminine power, our intuition, our wisdom, and our sexuality.  Keeping us hiding deep within ourselves.

Many wise women have known and claimed their truth even though they have been shamed, blamed, and persecuted, and many have died for being in their authentic nature.

There is a deep level of fear that keeps many of us stuck.  This subconscious or even conscious fear keeps us small. Keeps us living unauthentically.

However, many of us are hearing the calling.  The calling to come out of hiding, to step forward to be seen, to be heard, to take action and shine.

Many of us are being called into Sacred Divine Leadership.  The calling to re-claim, align, and activate the Sacred Divine Feminine power within.

It is time to awaken our wild and Sacred Divine Feminine power within, so we may live our most empowered and authentic lives by embracing all of who we are and bringing this transformation to the world.

-Arizona Malinda Starr & Schamet Horsfield

Malinda Starr

Quantum Energy Healer, Priestess, Oracle, and Retreat Guide

Hello, I am Malinda Starr!

I began my Spiritual Journey in 1994 attending many classes and seeking my own personal inner healing as I believe in order to guide others in their healing journey I must first know and understand the pathway to healing.

I have participated in multiple medicine ceremonies with Indigenous Tribes from the mountains of the Andes to the Jungles of the Amazon to the oceans of Bali. This inspired me to become a bodyworker and an energy healer. I became a licensed Massage Therapist in 1995 and have been an educator of Neuromuscular & Myofascial certification through the state of Florida. I am a teacher in Integrated Energy Therapy, helping others to connect to the healing angels to release the issues from their tissues.  I am also an Akashic Record Reader, an Oracle, and a New Paradigm Priestess.

I have also recently completed Level 1 training with Star Magic Healing, facilitating healing on a quantum level.  I practice meditation and mindfulness every day and have reached a state of balance, inner peace, and clarity of mind.  I continue the journey of my inner healing as well as helping others with theirs. So take a breath-relax-let your mind quiet and allow your heart to calm your Spirit to take a Journey with me and prepare to blossom into the fullness of you.  

With compassionate love and Priestess Blessings

Malinda Starr

Schamet Horsfield

Soul Path Purpose Coach, Transformational Practitioner, New Paradigm Priestess, and Oracle

Hello, I am Schamet Horsfield!

In Hebrew, Schamet means the candle that burns bright & the Holy one.

I bring light to dark places & always make sure to keep my candle burning bright so that I can guide others to Awaken. Align. Transform & Shine!

I am a New Paradigm Priestess & I am here to contribute to birthing the New Feminine Paradigm.

I guide my soul clients on their journey to connect with their Intuition, and psychic gifts so they can powerfully transform their wounds into wisdom and their wisdom into superpowers & as a result consciously create the life of their wildest dreams.

With my Clairvoyant gifts and particular Intuitive brand of magic, I help my clients step into their power, manifest their most abundant lives, own their gifts, and become sovereign Kings & Queens.

I help guide my clients to create new and empowering beliefs & patterns and ultimately create new stories that anchor in the change they want to see and be.

The ripple effect is that they can powerfully & consciously create more joy, fulfillment, passion, and purpose.

I work with helping my clients clear and heal generational wounds/patterns, deep soul/energy clearing, healing the inner child, shadow work, developing crystal clear intuition, and re-writing a new story that puts my soul clients in the driver's seat of their lives as an intuitive co-creator/creatrix.

I have been successfully, consciously creating my most abundant life for over 25 years & now I help others do the same.

“I believe that when you change your beliefs, patterns, and story you can change your life and when we heal ourselves, we heal the world.”

If you are ready to awaken your intuition, align to your soul path purpose, transform & bring your particular brand of magic to the world, I would love consciously co-create Alchemy with you!

I wish love and abundant priestess blessings to you, your family, and your community

Schamet Horsfield,

Awaken the priestess within & manifest an abundant life of your wildest dreams.

Join our Awaken the Priestess Within Global Sisterhood to learn more about healing, developing intuition, psychic abilities, energy medicine, chakras, manifesting an abundant life & what it means to be a Priestess. It is also wonderful to be connected to a soulful sisterhood of like-minded, heart-centered Goddesses upon the awakening journey!

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Testimonial Reviews from those who have worked with Malinda Starr

Thank you for the endless love and encouragement you give me. I wish everyone to experience what I'm sure you give everyone you pass. You touched my soul and gave me the words.


I highly recommend working with Malinda Starr!

I had a quantum healing session with her and it was truly magical.

She is the real deal.

I am very discerning about whom I work with, and even more careful about whom I allow to do energy healing work on and with me.

Hands on heart Malinda Starr is an incredible energy healer. She is a bright and shining star and I felt so elevated and good after our session!

I had physical pain that I had been dealing with and she was able to pinpoint the pain, explain to me what it was and why it was speaking to me, and by listening to the wisdom of my body and being guided by her love, nurturing and tender way (she is a lightworker) I was able to receive the medicine balm for my wounds and because of her guidance I was able to receive the wisdom and I am healing.

The pain instantly went away and has not returned as I have been listening more and more to the issues in my tissues!

Just by being in the energetic presence of Malinda Starr healing begins to take place.

She is truly a gifted healer and a beautiful heart-centered Priestess.

Make sure to get on her waiting list as I know she will be fully booked soon as she is incredible!

~Schamet Horsfield: Soul Purpose Coach, Transformational Practicioner, Priestess, Oracle, Speaker, and Author.

Malinda is an expert channel and healer. She quickly identified that I needed to heal from a past life trauma and released the blockage for me, communicating with great clarity and love. Since my healing session, I've felt lighter and more peaceful and I'm looking forward to seeing where my restored energy takes me. I highly recommend Malinda's healing services.

Marguerite Quinn: Works at Ministry for the Environment

What an experience of love and intuitive bounty came into my heart. As you progressed I felt emotional and yes, I know I opened myself up to it. You welcomed my inner heart.
Words that are manifesting in my soul. When you mentioned the word butterfly I know I had a smile on my face. I was bursting to tell you my butterfly story. Opening my phone that morning and finding my long-time friend had sent me an incredible montage of world butterflies. Your words were reassuring that I'm loved and can love myself. It dawned on me that I can always permit myself! So that's how I've been applying our session. Self-talk is an important aspect of repeating what I need to hear. I don't need to beat my thoughts up. Thank you for the endless love and encouragement you give me. I wish everyone to experience what I'm sure you give everyone you pass. You touched my soul and gave me the words.

Thank You, Malinda. I love the person that you are and what you are creating in your work. I can use it all! I want more people to experience YOU! ~W.A.S.

Thank you, Malinda Starr!

Thank you so much. That was just beautiful and very helpful. I love the way you lead from the heart and the loving care you bring to your practice. I felt you touched on many things, but all of them were relevant to where I am at this time. I felt your kindness, non-judgment, and unconditional love. Your reading and healing were spot on and brought me to tears, in a good way.

~Pam Stainton: Author/Teacher

Testimonial Reviews from those who have worked with Schamet

I want to do a shout-out to Schamet an amazing guide and coach who also happens to be a Priestess. She expertly guided me through two very difficult topics. She blew me away with the deep heart space she held and her skill at sitting rock solid while in the fire with me. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to navigate challenges and expansion in their life.

Nina Powell: Wild Divine Coach and Guide

I have found Schamet to be an enthusiastic generous leader of the various activities and courses I have participated in this year.

She is warm, encouraging, and positive. She brings people together in a way that allows them to share without judgment.

She also is willing to share her own stories that are relevant to whatever we are studying or practicing at the time.

This is refreshing in that she does not set herself up as a Guru above others.

 I have found Schamet open, honest, and warm-hearted. She treats every member of her course as a sacred gem, a person who has treasures to share.

She teaches by giving herself permission to be vulnerable and telling stories, which encourages others to have the courage to do the same, being vulnerable to share and face their own shadow with the courage to see what it reveals for their future growth.

~Pam Stainton: Author/Teacher

I have been on this Priestess training with Schamet for most of this year and have worked with her in other trainings too. What an amazing soul! The transformations that have taken place not just in me but in all of the women have been spectacular. Women stepping into their power and embodying the Divine. We have learned to face our shadows, our wounds, and our fears and found ways to be thankful for them, a skill I never knew was even possible. This has been a life-altering course and I can not recommend it highly enough.

Diane Wright- Imaginal Realm Guide

Schamet is an outstanding guide and gifted, authentic priestess/facilitator. The depth of bonds forged in our priestess training circle speak volumes about her skill and superpowers and I am honored to be a part! I would not hesitate to recommend her to all. Everyone in our circle is experiencing massive transformation thanks to the safe, spacious container created by Schamet.

Maginel Galt: Spiritual Midwife

I knew by signing up for the priestess training that it will be transformational. More than halfway through training now I have to say Schamet helped me and I’m sure the other priestess in training to face ourselves, see our true potential, and find our magic. She is encouraging from her heart and deep understanding that transformation isn’t an easy walk but worth going. I thank you Schamet with deep gratitude for your work.

Beata Gehricke ~ Reiki Master

What a truly awesome Leader, in her field of expertise! Big shifts, great support along with fantastic friendships. If you want to explore more of yourself then look no further. You are meant to be where you are right now, don't doubt it, just do it you won't regret it only the opposite!

Suzee G: Intuitive & Empathic New Paradigm Private Investigator/Change Agent

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