Hello Goddess. I am Schamet and I am here to help the world become a better place.

I help people become more aware of self-limiting beliefs, abundance blocks, unhealthy patterns and whatever might be holding them back from consciously creating the life of their dreams. I guide my clients upon their journey of transforming wounds into wisdom and wisdom to superpowers.

I help people align with their soul path purpose, develop crystal clear intuition & I help people develop their gifts & psychic abilities. I help people step into their power, create a direct connection to spirit & create spiritual sovereignty.

I am very passionate about true and lasting transformation & helping people find their own particular brand of magic. I was born with intuitive and psychic abilities, and have been working as a spiritual healer for more than 20 years. I was initiated as a Priestess in Glastonbury in 2004. Sacred ceremonies & rituals are part of my everyday life and spiritual practice.

I see clients 1:1, as well as teach/coach/guide online: 7 Week Journey through the Chakras: Manifesting an Abundant Life, Awakening Sacred Centers: Intuitive & Psychic Abilities, Sacred Ceremonies Workshops on Healing the Sacred  Feminine, as well as an online Mystery School, “Awakening the Goddess Within.”

My "real"igion is unconditional love, kindness, compassion & I am inclusive of all beliefs, all religions and all pathways. 

Nature is my church.

I bring magic & beauty to the world and all who meet me are changed in some way.

When I’m not helping humanity with my chakra healing sessions, teaching online workshops, holding sacred ceremonies for transformative healing journeys, channelling online oracle readings...you can find me in the forest meditating, swimming in the lake naked under the moonlight, hugging trees & spending time with my children and our beautiful furry soul friend Snowy Starla.

If you are ready to step into your power & be the truly magical being you know you are meant to be I look forward to guiding you to awaken the goddess/ priestess within.

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My Awakening story...

My two favorite shows when I was a little girl were Wonder Woman and Bewitched. I remember being quite small and the first time I saw Wonder Woman and the Movie Super Man (the original) I had a memory of being home ...on another planet....a planet of peace and love where everyone had magical powers and everyone understood energy & everyone spoke telepathically. I had a deep and soulful memory that I am an Amazon Wonder Woman and I had come to planet earth to bring the magic of where I came from (Sirius) to planet Earth. I always knew I was different from everyone else as I could see into people, feel people's energy and knew things I should not know and it made some people very uncomfortable. It was not an easy childhood as no one told me about my gifts or how to use them and often I felt it was more of a curse than a blessing. However seeing Wonder Woman, Superman, and Bewitched helped me start to understand pieces of who I am.

I started up a Care Bear Club when I was 10 years old for all the local kids in my neighborhood and for my own healing and soulful connection as my parents were in the middle of a divorce and I needed love, kindness, connection and community. We would get together and play Dungeons and Dragons. I reflect back on this now as I'm still running my own adult version of "Carebear clubs".....I now call them Women Wisdom Awakening Full Moon Circles and we create a different type of magic together!

My parents were not religious or spiritual. I needed support and answers so I joined the church on my own at 7 years old. I became Christian and was baptized in the holy spirit. I spoke in tongues and was a devout Christian until I was a young adult. I actually had a very good experience with the church. I loved the community aspect, the singing, the love, connection and the support. However, there were some things I did not feel aligned with as I always loved crystals as they are natural and part of the Earth. I also witnessed a lot of hypocrisy and so there were certain aspects that were not in complete alignment with my soul.

The psychic spiritual awakening that changed my life completely happened to me when I was 19 years old. I had a premonition dream my father died and he died the very next day. Luckily, because I listened to my dream, I called my dad and had a wonderful and healing connection before he died. However, I mistakenly shared the dream with a family member who did not know how to support me and she called me a witch and blamed me for my father's death. I loved my father and was deeply traumatized by my his death, the dream  and the terrible accusation from this family member who did not understand what it means to have psychic abilities. I was so scared that I might be a witch....as growing up in America and being a Christian the thought of being a witch meant that I had evil inside of me. It took years for me to work through the grief, shame, blame and false accusations and it took me a long time for me to understand what it meant to be clairvoyant/psychic. I had a dream of a business card being handed to me and one week later the exact card I dreamed about was handed to me. The card owner became my clairvoyant teacher back in 1993. She helped me and guided me upon my clairvoyant path and really helped me step into the power of my abilities and really own them. With her help and guidance, I  was able to see them as a blessing and not a curse.  As a result, I have made this part of my life work and soul purpose. I am very passionate about helping support empaths & intuitives develop their psychic abilities and intuitive gifts. 

In 2004 we lived in London and I spend every weekend in Glastonbury as the energy there aligned with who I am. I became friends with many of the locals and was taken under the wing of a High Priestess as she saw the magic and power in me. It was not training I paid for, or a course I signed up for. It was an actual initiation & activation directly because she believed in my gifts. It was powerful as this is when I connected to Christ consciousness, Mary Magdalene, and my spiritual guides. I recently was guided to bring the power of the Priestess to Goddesses that are ready for this activation and bring more healing & the redemption of the feminine spirit and the healing of the patriarchy/ matriarchal wound to women & men who are ready.

Schamet Horsfield's Bio:

Schamet Horsfield was born with intuitive & psychic gifts. Schamet had a premonition dream in 1994 when she was 19 years old which led to her "healing path" and deeper study into metaphysics, clairvoyance,  and spirituality. At that time she was at University studying Psychology however her premonition dream & intuitive gifts prompted her to train as a healer full time. She completed a full time degree at East West School for the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon where she focused on becoming a licensed massage therapist and studied many other modalities through the years as she is now 46 years old. She studied with Debbie and Carlos Roses (NIA) movement therapy, NLP, Reiki, Shamanism, Energy Healing, Clairvoyance and Trance Dance with Wilbert Alix. She also trained as an Energy Healer, studied the chakra system and discovered the transformative power of yoga. 

After being a yoga student for over 24 years she received a message from her guides that it was her life path's purpose to teach about the chakra system. Schamet has over 300 hours of RYT and is a trained Chakra Yoga teacher/healer. Schamet is a Co-Heart at Anodea Judith's Sacred Centers, and is a licensed Transformational Belief Coach. Schamet completed this certification training with Master Belief Detective, Lion Goodman. Schamet has had her private healing practice since the early 90's and was one of  Weta's private LMT therapists. She had the joy of being Wetas private therapist during the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, and King Kong. It was an epic experience working with talented artists and this inspired her to go to film school. Schamet art directed 3 short films. Schamet also spent some time in the performing Arts and was part of a performance group called Mystic Tribe. Schamet is an artist as well as writing the self published and internationally-distributed children’s book , "Om Baby, Child of the Universe". Schamet was initiated onto the path of the Priestess in Glastonbury in 2004 and continues to practice Sacred Ceremony in her personal and professional life.

Even though Schamet has a passion and love for art direction, story telling, being on and off screen... her love for the healing arts and her mission and purpose to bring healing to the planet brought her back to her true passion which is transformational healing. Schamet’s vision is to continue to create heaven on earth by awakening consciousness in whatever manner it channels through her & she loves to bring all her modalities together expressing her unique brand of magic.

With a natural gift for manifestation and naturally evolved psychic abilities (which she received early in life), Schamet is a powerful Priestess and intuitive light leader, oracle, spiritual midwife and spiritual change agent who truly believes it's never too late to change, heal and grow. Schamet helps others transform wounds into wisdom and wisdom into superpowers.  Her chakra workshops, self-love marriage celebrations, women's wisdom workshops, Manifesting An Abundant Life online trainings and one on one chakra healing sessions, transformative belief coaching, and online sacred ceremonial workshops & retreats are just the beginning of the beautiful waves Schamet’s work is making in the world.